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No Call Out Fee for Data Recovery in Dalkeith WA

Data Recovery Perth ,part of Dig-it Computer Services, are an on-site Computer Repair and Data Recovery specialists in the Dalkeith WA Area for Home and Small Business.

Data Recovery of Hard drives in Dalkeith WA

We have over 20 years experience in the recovery of data and the repair of hard drives for Windows , MAC & Linux. To perform a successful recovery it is absolutely essential to understand the way that the Windows , MAC & Linux operating systems layout your important information on your hard drive. These are called filesystems for Windows this NTFS , for Linux it is EXT3 or EXT4 , for MAC HFS.

Recover deleted files in Dalkeith WA

If your hard drive, USB stick , camera memory card or any storage device is missing files and data we can be there the same day. We can work on any system be it Windows. MAC or Linux.

Data Recovery of Portable Hard drives in Dalkeith WA

A portable hard drive is really a normal hard drive bound in an enclosure typically with a small piece of electronics to convert data from SATA to USB. It is common for these devices to suffer from power surges and brownouts. Data Recovery

Data Recovery from NAS or RAID systems in Dalkeith WA

NAS systems ar multiple hard drives employed in RAID or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. This allows for redundancy or copies of your data should one of the drives fail. Specialiased techniques and tools are required to recover the data from compicated RAID arrays. Some more complicated arrays sach as RAID 10 or RAID 01 can mean that one drive failing will cause the RAID array to fail.
Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Mobile Phones in Dalkeith WA

Android mobile phones account for 80% of the mobile phone market and include brands such as Samsung , Sony, Motorola, LG , HTC, Huaweii. We employ a simple technique to recover all your missing mobile phone data include contacts, messages, pictures or whatever is missing.

Data Recovery from USB drives in Dalkeith WA

USB drives are really only a transport option and should not be relied upon as the main storage option for your important files. They are especially difficult to repair if the break however your data can still be recovered.

Data Recovery from Optical drives in Dalkeith WA

If you need data recovered from optical drives then this can be done onsite or at our workshop which is close by.

Data Recovery Camera SD Memory Cards in Dalkeith WA

It is common for SD cards to appear blank when you try to store too much information on them however this data , typically pictures , is usually recoverable.

If your computer has displayed any of the following messages there is a strong chance your hard drive has a problem.
  1. Data Error Reading Drive [C]
  2. Drive Not Ready-System Halted
  3. Error Reading Drive [C]
  4. Hard Disk Drive Failure
  5. Inaccessible Boot Volume
  6. I/O Error
  7. Missing operating system
  8. Primary Hard Disk Failure
  9. Seek Error - Sector not found
  10. Serious Disk Error Writing Drive
  11. A serious disk error occurred trying to read/write drive
  12. Invalid Boot Volume

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